Articulation & Expressive Language

Improve Articulation and Expressive Language Skills

At Tip of the Tongue, we address all manner of articulation and phonological concerns.  Whether the concern is minor or significant, recent or long-standing, if it is detrimental to the individual, we can help.  We know how to address persistent problems with /r/ and /s/, even when years of therapy have not been effective.

Our knowledge of muscle-based difficulties allows us to isolate a functional problem and teach the individual to activate the muscles needed to produce the target speech sounds accurately. Our clients emerge from our therapy services with precise, intelligible speech.

Articulation Therapy

A child who is a late talker or one who has many articulation errors may also have difficulty putting together grammatical sentences.  We look at articulation and expressive language as two sides of a coin; it is often necessary to work on both to produce good communication.  

At Tip of the Tongue, we address semantics (vocabulary), syntax (sentence structure), morphology (grammar), pragmatics (social language), fluency, and voice.  Our clients learn what to say and how to say it correctly.

If your child is at least three years of age and enjoys interacting with others, consider boosting their articulation and language skills at SCAMP: Summer Classes for Articulation and Motor Speech Progress. More information on SCAMP.

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Rhonda Banford, M.A.T., CCC-SLP

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